We are Christians who believe that God loves us, and wants us to offer to everyone, everywhere, all what Jesus has made available
God gives the kind of welcome people never forget, and we would love you to join this exciting journey with us.

What’s in a welcome? More than you might think. Jesus met a woman at a well. This woman was an outsider, but Jesus showed her that her life mattered to God. He healed the broken parts of her life.

Water is one of life’s essentials. Jesus offered the woman ‘living water’ by which he meant the Holy Spirit. He said this water would satisfy her deepest thirst - our deepest thirst. He said that it would become in us a spring of water welling up to eternal life. Now that’s the kind of welcome people never forget!

People came to our Benefice in the late 17th Century looking for healing water. Today we welcome you to come and find the true healing water of Jesus.

Andrew Evans.