Ecclesiastes 3:1-22 -To everything  there is a season and a time to every purpose under the heaven.

Thank you all that have come to the church to hang a Angel on the tree, they look beautiful swinging in the wind. All the prayers being sent up to heaven; we would love to hear any answers to your prayers so do drop us a line.  We’re also aware that this is a very difficult time and do please email or phone us if you would like support or prayer with anything that you are struggling with at the moment.

Philippians 2:4

Let each of you look not only to his own interests, but also to the interests  of others.

We have a team of pastoral support volunteers, and this team includes those who are bereavement counsellors and those who are Lay Pastoral Assistants (LPAs). An LPA role can vary widely, but they can be found working alongside the elderly, the housebound, children, the recently bereaved, the newly baptised and the sick. They offer a listening ear and a friendly face to many.  LPAs make a real difference to people’s lives by ensuring they are not lonely or isolated in difficult times. They do this as a practical sign of God’s love for everyone. They are recruited and trained by the church as volunteers and would love to help and support you.  You can get in touch by email: or phone 01225 782717

News in the village

As we all know we all woke up to a beautiful covering on white snow the other Sunday. The children were outside laughing and having fun which was such a lovely site to see as so many children have not had fun for such a long time. It only lasted a while but that moment of beauty made us all feel good for a while.

Have you every thought that the snow is a window of the Father’s heart open wide?

Can you see His timeless message throughout the ages covering the earth in white redemption?

His heart has always been there to bring calm to the calamity, peace to the noise and rest to anxiety.

Each snowflake that falls is a kiss from the father a message from his heart to us.

Can you hear Him ? I love you, You do not have to be afraid.

This is just a small quote from “The Hush ” written by Molly Skaggs.

But it shows us that in every season it’s a opportunity to see Gods wonder and gifts to us, that he is there and he loves us.






Then we had the floods !!

Again! as the rain came and the village flooded !!!!  But again as we look at the floods our hearts cry:

Let your glory and your power

let your majesty and worth

flood the earth

flood the earth

let the rumours  of your kingdom

flood the earth

flood the earth

freedom  is here

fear has to leave

pain has to go Darkness  retreat

Every heart here find healing


In this moment your revealing


Song and full lyrics (Jesus culture )

Flood the earth