Life in Lockdown #2

In these strange times we are finding news ways of staying touch, and we are connecting well in Broughton Gifford. We are looking after each other and we clap for the NHS in the different parts of the village on Thursday evenings. I met Rosie and her carer recently along the lane behind St Mary’s. It was a beautiful evening and we watched the horses. This morning I went to Jenny’s with my folding chair and flask of coffee. We sat in her garden and mulled over things, two metres apart of course.

I have been to Broughton Gifford cemetery a few times. It is a peaceful place to pray and there is a wonderful view of the church tower above the trees. It was lovely to hear our bell before the Sunday service. We all feel so included. I was standing outside the church last Monday at 2pm, waiting for the hearse to go by, when Alan came to record the bell. It was good to see him, if only briefly. Every encounter is precious.