Know Jesus

Being part of God’s Family

Jesus reveals God to us as a father. ‘Our Father’ are the opening words of the Lord’s Prayer. Jesus tells us that that we can call God ‘Abba’ which you may know as the name of a famous pop group, but in the Aramaic language it means ‘daddy’ or ‘papa’. Jesus is revealing God to us a loving heavenly daddy. Could it be that God wants each of us to know him in this intensely personal and intimate way?

If this is true, it is a matter of the highest importance because it gives us hope. Both hope and hopelessness are contagious. Jesus offers us hope and we can choose to receive it…

The Gospel Put Simply

Jesus came to earth as God and lived a life of love so that we might comprehend what God is like. He died on a cross and paid the price for sin, so he could come and live in your life and wash away the sin, the shame and the guilt. Love will always find a way. Jesus did this to connect with you.

Jesus did not stay dead. He came alive again, and he wants to come and live in you by his Holy Spirit. He wants to fill you with his love and forgiveness right now. He wants to have a love-filled relationship with you. Would you like to invite him into your life? God makes an invitation to us to come into the fullness of what it means to be his children and to be part of his worldwide family.

Pray this prayer…

Dear Jesus, thank you that you died on a cross to pay the price for my sins. I turn from my sin. Forgive me. I want to live my life for you.

I invite you into my life – wash me clean, make me new, set me free from the things that hold me captive.

Fill me with your love. Fill me with your Spirit.

Lead me into a new future where you are at the centre of my life. Show me how I can have a love-filled relationship with you. Amen.

Jesus did not promise his followers an easy life, but he did promise that we could have relationship with God.

We are all God’s children. When we pray the prayer, we start to understand what it means to be God’s child and we start to know who our Father is.

When we pray this prayer, we can trust that he has forgiven us our sins, he has become our leader and he now lives in us. Watch out for the change! It is really important that you join a lively church where you can learn to live like Jesus, doing the things he did when he walked this earth. A church in this sense is not a building but a group of God’s Children meeting in our locality – and because we share a heavenly father, we are brothers and sisters with them.

The Cross

The cross on which Jesus died is like a trading place. I trade in what is bad – all my sin, guilt and shame. What I receive is forgiveness - God remembers my sin no more. I receive new life and he makes me a new creation. His Spirit comes to live in me. The cross gives back to you the right to have a heavenly father and to know him as the best papa ever!