Just to let you know there are some free books to take to read.

Walking around Holt you might notice lots of coloured hearts hanging on doors and gates

They look really lovely and reminds us of Gods love  and community  spirit .

Also as we walk around or look out our windows in to the garden, we see hope of new life as the bulbs and buds start bursting into colour and flowers starting to appear on trees.

This reminded me of the verse

Mathew 6:25

“Do not worry about about your life, what you will eat and drink or about your body, what to wear.

is life more than food, and the body more than clothes?”

It’s so easy to be consumed by fear and anxiety especially at the moment when we have been  in a unexpected difficult situation .

Its so easy for our roots to be pulled out and blown about in the wind and leave us anxious and wondering how we are going to cope financially or deal with family ,illness fear of loneliness what the future brings

But as we plant our roots and let them grow deeper  with God and our foundations become stronger we will see that God is faithful he is our provider and as we rest and wait in his timing you will see your prayers being answered .


I found this song which was written by Ellie Holcomb hope you enjoy reading or listening to it on you tube to !

“Do Not Worry”
(Matthew 6:25-34)

See the birds who are singing in the spring air?
They’re given everything they need
They don’t worry where their next meal will come from
They don’t worry ’bout a thingSo just, look around you and try to listen to
The song creation sings
And don’t you worry cause you’re in the hands
Of the God who made everythingSee the flowers in their colorful beauty
They’re dressed better than a king
They don’t worry about what they should wear, no
They don’t worry ’bout a thingSo just, look around you and try to listen to
The song creation sings
And don’t you worry cause you’re in the hands
Of the God who made everything

Because you’re not a bird and you’re not a flower
You don’t have petals or wings
But there is good news, you’re worth so much more
To the God who made everything

So when you worry ’bout today or tomorrow
And the storms that they might bring
Try to remember that you’re in the hands
Of the God who made everything

So just, look around you and try to listen to
The song creation sings
And don’t you worry cause you’re in the hands
Of the God who made everything


A few ways to help you grow deeper in your faith

Identify places in your life which you need Jesus the most

Get involved in a bible study or small group ie ALPHA course

Find at least one blessing from God every day

Find a friend, relative, or church in which you can talk about God or scripture to help you through life’s problems

Pick up and turn to the scriptures

As always please contact church or access the website if you are in need and support there will always be someone there to support and listen and advice .

If anyone has anything to share, or any pictures to go what I have written I would love to here from you.

Enjoy watching the environment turn into spring over the next month !





Youth and children’s pastor – job advert

We are looking for a part-time youth and children’s pastor to join our team. Someone who is passionate about developing children’s and youth work within St Katharine’s Church, Holt, Wiltshire and the wider community, and who will build on the excellent work already developed with children and young people.

This is a key role within the life of the church, and is an exciting opportunity for a dynamic and passionate youth and children’s pastor to re-start our youth group and develop outreach. The role will equally cover developing the children’s ministry within the church, working with a team of volunteers. You will be a motivated leader who can develop, lead and inspire this team of volunteers. The team is passionate about encouraging children and young people to come to faith, to grow and develop their faith and to share the good news about Jesus.

Recognising that churches have become particularly dependent on links through technology in recent months, it is expected the appointee will have a good working knowledge of on-line technology, social media and digital communications.

The deadline for applications is 26 March 2021

Interviews will be held on 10 April 2021 (although there could be flexibility around this date)

The successful candidate will encourage active participation of children, young people and families in the life and work of St Katharine’s Church and take lead responsibility for organising youth and children’s work, particularly on Sunday mornings and through weekly activities for young people.

Our young people have asked for:

  • “someone who can bring back Friday night Sky 1 as I enjoyed the fun I had there with my friends”
  • “someone interesting and easy to talk to”

The successful children and youth pastor will:

ensure that a youth programme is delivered – this is at minimum Friday nights, but may also include some provision on Sunday mornings.

seek to disciple children and young people into personal relationships with God, in both larger groups and smaller relational settings.

shape a strategy to reach young families in the area, and help them meet Jesus and connect with the church.

seek to grow the children’s and youth ministry by creating attractive and compelling environments to which they can invite their not-yet Christian friends.

Part-time post (0.5 fte – 18.5 hours per week) £22,000 pro rata per annum. Initially for two years.

Start date: As soon as possible after the interview date

It is an occupational requirement that the post holder be a practising Christian.

Requirement for a Disclosure and Barring Service Check

St Katharine’s church is committed to safeguarding children and vulnerable adults and considers that their safety and wellbeing is of paramount importance.

The role of Youth and Children’s Pastor will be subject to a safer recruitment process and an enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check because of the significant and unsupervised contact with children.  This role will also require a Barred List Check as the position constitutes Regulated Activity.

For an application pack please contact Lucy Waterman (PA to the Rector) at the Benefice office.

Email: united.benefice@outlook.com   Phone: 01225 782717



Everlasting Love


The Lord has spoken to you in the past saying “I have loved you with an everlasting love: I have drawn you with unfailing kindness. I will build you up again.                                    Jeremiah 31:3-4



The Angels look so beautiful blowing in the wind and there was a real stillness peace at the church today as I was watching them blow around in the gentle cold wind.

Available in the porch ready to hang on the tree there are hearts to hang with “You are loved “on them.

Take one of the hearts. As you hold it remember the name of someone who needs to be restored, physically, mentally, or spiritually.

Ask God to wrap them in his everlasting love. Now place your heart on the tree in the church yard .

This God called love reaches us into the deepest parts of us, definitively answering questions that continues to haunt us …..what does God really think of me? Would he still really love me if he know me? Am I good enough, strong enough, smart enough ….for his love penetrates the wall we thought was protecting us … the great sadness, the darkest part of us ….the broken pieces of our heart that have diminished us. The great “I am” is coming to take all of our ” I am nots” and redefining them in his divine embrace …

This song Pieces says it all …


unreserved, unrestrained

your love is wild

your love is wild for me

it isn’t shy, it’s unashamed

your love is proud

to be seen with me

You don’t give your heart in pieces

you don’t hide your love to tease us

uncontrolled, uncontained

your love is a fire

burning bright for me

its not a spark

it’s not just a flame

your love is a light

That all the world to see

You don’t give your heart in pieces

you don’t hide your love to tease us

Your love is not fractured

its not a trouble mind

it isn’t anxious

it’s not the restless kind

your love not passive

it’s never disengaged

it’s always present

it hangs on every word we say .

love keeps its promises

it keeps its word

it honours what’s scared

cause it’s vows are good

Your love’s not broken

it’s not insecure our love’s not selfish your love is pure.

( song Pieces by Bethel music )

News in the village

In these times we can feel lonely and have no one to talk to.

As you walk round the village and notice empty spaces and empty benches or may be sitting alone at home isolated with no one to talk to.

We can get caught up with fear and lack of hope.

But God asks us to be courageous and know that we are not alone since he, our Lord our God is always with you.

Deuteronomy 31 v 6

Turn thee unto me, and have mercy upon me: for I am desolate and afflicted  Turn to me and have mercy, for I am alone and distressed .

Psalm 25 v16

Please contact us if you need some one to talk to or need support we are hear to listen please contact the office:

01225  782717

Online Alpha course

Following our very successful online Alpha courses, we are ready to go again! The next course will be starting on Tuesday 18 January 2022 at 19:30.

What is Alpha?

Alpha is a series of sessions exploring the Christian faith, typically run over eleven weeks. Each talk looks at a different question around faith and is designed to create conversation. Alpha is run all around the globe, and everyone is welcome. This is a very safe space to come along and ask anything you want to about the Christian faith.

A chance to connect

 Each Alpha session kicks off with a chance to meet new people and connect over video chat.  To meet the course leaders, Ian and Rachel, and hear more you can watch our YouTube video below:

Want to know more?  Just use the contact form below to get in touch OR

Email: united.benefice@outlook.com  or phone 01225 782717

Look forward to seeing you 🙂


Ecclesiastes 3:1-22 -To everything  there is a season and a time to every purpose under the heaven.

Thank you all that have come to the church to hang a Angel on the tree, they look beautiful swinging in the wind. All the prayers being sent up to heaven; we would love to hear any answers to your prayers so do drop us a line.  We’re also aware that this is a very difficult time and do please email or phone us if you would like support or prayer with anything that you are struggling with at the moment.

Philippians 2:4

Let each of you look not only to his own interests, but also to the interests  of others.

We have a team of pastoral support volunteers, and this team includes those who are bereavement counsellors and those who are Lay Pastoral Assistants (LPAs). An LPA role can vary widely, but they can be found working alongside the elderly, the housebound, children, the recently bereaved, the newly baptised and the sick. They offer a listening ear and a friendly face to many.  LPAs make a real difference to people’s lives by ensuring they are not lonely or isolated in difficult times. They do this as a practical sign of God’s love for everyone. They are recruited and trained by the church as volunteers and would love to help and support you.  You can get in touch by email: united.benefice@outlook.com or phone 01225 782717

News in the village

As we all know we all woke up to a beautiful covering on white snow the other Sunday. The children were outside laughing and having fun which was such a lovely site to see as so many children have not had fun for such a long time. It only lasted a while but that moment of beauty made us all feel good for a while.

Have you every thought that the snow is a window of the Father’s heart open wide?

Can you see His timeless message throughout the ages covering the earth in white redemption?

His heart has always been there to bring calm to the calamity, peace to the noise and rest to anxiety.

Each snowflake that falls is a kiss from the father a message from his heart to us.

Can you hear Him ? I love you, You do not have to be afraid.

This is just a small quote from “The Hush ” written by Molly Skaggs.

But it shows us that in every season it’s a opportunity to see Gods wonder and gifts to us, that he is there and he loves us.






Then we had the floods !!

Again! as the rain came and the village flooded !!!!  But again as we look at the floods our hearts cry:

Let your glory and your power

let your majesty and worth

flood the earth

flood the earth

let the rumours  of your kingdom

flood the earth

flood the earth

freedom  is here

fear has to leave

pain has to go Darkness  retreat

Every heart here find healing


In this moment your revealing


Song and full lyrics (Jesus culture )

Flood the earth






Angel Prayers

Angel Prayers

Psalms 34:7-8
If you honour the Lord, His angel will protect you.
Discover for yourself that the Lord is kind.

In the church porch there are some fir cone angels on the table, alongside a lovely flower arrangement.
Do you, or someone you love, need the protection of God ?
Take one of the Angel cones, chat to God about the needs and troubles you carry on your heart.
Honour God, by trusting him with your cares and worries.
Thank him for listening to you.
Hang the Angel cone on a tree in our church yard
If you would like to talk or pray with someone, then get in touch
Phone :782717
email :united.benefice@outlook.com

News around the village

As you can see new shoots are popping up everywhere showing new signs of life, in these times its easy to forget that God is showing us all around us that there is new life and he is still there even in this storm we seem to be in at the moment.
And showing us we need to be rooted with him.
So we may not fall over when the wind blows us, that we will be sunk with God’s love.
Our life in Christ is to be rooted and established in love
EPH 3:17

We hope you enjoy these pictures of signs of spring if any one has any pictures to share please send them to united.benefice@outlook.com