Angel Prayers

Angel Prayers

Psalms 34:7-8
If you honour the Lord, His angel will protect you.
Discover for yourself that the Lord is kind.

In the church porch there are some fir cone angels on the table, alongside a lovely flower arrangement.
Do you, or someone you love, need the protection of God ?
Take one of the Angel cones, chat to God about the needs and troubles you carry on your heart.
Honour God, by trusting him with your cares and worries.
Thank him for listening to you.
Hang the Angel cone on a tree in our church yard
If you would like to talk or pray with someone, then get in touch
Phone :782717

News around the village

As you can see new shoots are popping up everywhere showing new signs of life, in these times its easy to forget that God is showing us all around us that there is new life and he is still there even in this storm we seem to be in at the moment.
And showing us we need to be rooted with him.
So we may not fall over when the wind blows us, that we will be sunk with God’s love.
Our life in Christ is to be rooted and established in love
EPH 3:17

We hope you enjoy these pictures of signs of spring if any one has any pictures to share please send them to