St Katharine’s Eco-Church


During the last year we have provided bags of clay for our children’s creative enjoyment, but what is clay, where does it come from and how might it help us know more about God?

Have you got stuck in the mud on your walks around Holt? It is SO muddy because beneath the soil is a layer of clay that doesn’t let the rain water soak away. This clay was laid down in Jurassic times.

We have collected some of the clay that the workers of the Tannery site have dug up while digging below the old Beaven Office.

Eventually we will be able to create something that will be fired but first there is a lot of preparation to be done. First we rolled the clay and made dinosaurs using cookie cutters; it felt gritty. Now the clay has dried and we pounded it  to break it into small pieces. There is still more refining to be done over the coming weeks. We hope you will watch    our progress.

Eco-Church NEEDS YOU!

Help us do our bit to recognise the Climate and Ecological Emergency. We have made a good start. If this is something close to your heart and you can offer a little time to be part of a group carrying this forward please contact the office!

Intergenerational Outdoor Easter Communion

We are so looking forward to celebrating Easter Day on Sunday. Here are a few more details to help you get ready for the service.

We will gather together outside to begin with, where we will hear the Easter story and think about how we relate to that. Then we will move in singles, pairs, family groups or bubbles to a range of prayer stations. Inside the church there will be a chance to watch the beautiful video that Beth, Fiona and Ben have created. This quiet and gentle video will allow us time to reflect on the Easter story. We will also be able to look at the beautiful flower arrangements and consider how the beauty of nature speaks to us of resurrection and new life.  We can spend time remembering loved ones with the lovely lilies.  The third prayer station will be Easter in a Box where we can retell the story and wonder about how we connect with the life of Jesus and what resurrection and hope mean to us.

The outside prayer stations will consist of building a large Easter garden which we will then invite others to visit across the week on their walks round the village.  We will have some chicks outside and will think about how God gathers us under His wings to keep us safe and sheltered. These prayer stations are for adults and children, and there will be other activities for the children.

After a time to time and reflect with the prayer stations, we will gather round the fire again for Communion. Please bring your own cup or glass to have wine or juice poured out.  There will be a time of worship and we are allowed to sing outside – which will be such a joy.

Following this we will light the Pascal candle from the fire and take it into the church. We will end with a blessing (and an Easter egg hunt !)

The forecast is dry and sunny, but cold so please wrap up warm. You make like to bring a chair, or fold up seat as we have limited adult sized garden chairs at the moment.

It is such a joy at the moment to be able to worship and sing outside, and to really gather together as the whole family, young and old alike. We do hope you will join us.